Bicycle tailored Frames made in Italy

Vincenzo Forgione
Customized Steel Frame Bicycles
10 series of tubes from the Columbus Anniversary 100 limited edition collection
We have 10 series of tubes from the limited edition collection made to celebrate Columbus' 100th anniversary. Reservations are accepted for truly exclusive frames.
Tubi Columbus
warranty of maximum resistance
Cicloturism reinvented
Discover the new frame that you can transportate in a luggage!

Forgione Telai: Tradition of Italian steel frames Artists

Vincenzo Forgione realizes Handmade Custom Steel Frames for perfect Bicycles:

Forgione Telai uses only columbus steel tubes
Only Columbus steel tubes for making my bicycle frames

I make every bicycle starting from a unique project. In the sections of my site you can find many examples of realized bicycles but none of them are mass-produced. I invite you to get inspired from what you see and to find your path for the creation of your custom-made bicycle.

Silver Fillet Brazed

Forgione Telai tecnica del silver fillet brazed

Shipping and Prices

Spedizioni dei telai e delle biciclette Forgione

Forgione Telai Warranty

garanzia a vita sui telai forgione

Forgione Telai is an artisan manufacturer of frames for steel bicycles.

The experience and expertise of Vincenzo Forgione are the guarantee of sure satisfaction for all his customers. All the frames are made to measure specifically for the customer and according to their needs / characteristics.We DON'T have an assembly line and each bicycle frame is produced with precision crafted tools based on the measurements of the individual user. We have NEVER made two identical frames. It is also for this reason that on all the frames, the Forgione Telai, offers 3 years guarantee for the first owner of every realized bicycle.

Forgione Telai

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My philosophy of custom-made frames

I make custom-made frames designed for the individual athlete and use a technique, that of the Silver Fillet Brazed, which guarantees at the same time an aesthetic and functional result. From the tests carried out my frames were resistant to all stresses. The spirit of the steel frame pervades my "construction philosophy": to create unique elements that will last over time.