Vincenzo Forgione will assemble your new bicycle for free

Option 1: Assembly Options Selected for You by Forgione Telai

Customers seeking peace of mind can directly choose one of the complete assemblies curated by Vincenzo Forgione. This option eliminates the need to worry about anything: by selecting one of the proposed configurations, you will receive a fully assembled bicycle ready to hit the road with the chosen components.

Option 2: Customer-Supplied Components

Customers have the option to independently purchase the components for their bicycles and request their installation on the custom frames produced by the company. Whether it's a specific brand, model, or personal preference, Vincenzo offers advice to less experienced individuals on purchasing components that suit their cycling needs. Once the components are purchased, customers can send them to Forgione Telai, where Vincenzo and his expert team will carefully mount them on the meticulously crafted frames. This service ensures a seamless integration of the customer's chosen components into their unique Forgione bicycle.

Vincenzo Forgione will assemble your new bicycle: Forgione frames

Option 3: Expert Assistance in Component Acquisition

Customers seeking added convenience can entrust Forgione Telai with the task of purchasing components on their behalf. This option provides peace of mind as the company's experience and knowledge ensure the selection of high-quality components that seamlessly integrate with the custom frames. By removing the uncertainty of component acquisition, Forgione Telai aims to simplify the process for customers, allowing them to focus on their cycling aspirations.

Free assembly of your bicycle with Forgione Telai

Unparalleled Advantages:

  • 1. Free Service: Regardless of the chosen option, Forgione Telai does not charge any additional fees for component purchase or assembly. The emphasis is on providing exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction without any financial burden.
  • 2. 3-Year Warranty: Vincenzo Forgione stands behind his frames with a 3-year warranty to the first owner, reflecting the company's commitment to producing durable and long-lasting bicycles. The fusion of craftsmanship and high-quality materials ensures that every Forgione frame stands the test of time.
  • 3. Personalized Precision: Forgione Telai prides itself on creating custom bicycles. By directly interacting with customers, Vincenzo is able to tailor the geometry and design of the frames to meet individual needs and preferences. The result is a bicycle that not only fits perfectly but also enhances the overall riding experience.

Bicycle free assembly


Led by the visionary Vincenzo Forgione, Forgione Telai company offers a unique blend of exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled service. From the picturesque town of Gesualdo, Italy, the company produces custom steel frame bicycles that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deliver exceptional performance. With the added benefit of free component assembly, customers have the freedom to choose their preferred parts or rely on the company's expertise in component acquisition. Whether exploring the scenic routes of Irpinia or participating in group mountain bike rides, Forgione Telai ensures that every cyclist can experience the joy and satisfaction of riding a perfectly tailored Forgione bicycle.