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By chance, thanks to a friend, in August of last year I got hold of a beautiful 26' from 2002, well-equipped and strictly in Columbus steel, so my knowledge, my experience and my point of comparison, starts from here!

Very quickly (one year, in fact), as I deepened my knowledge of this world, the desire to have a "handmade" MTB grew and as a result I started looking for information on where and who to contact for this purpose.

The internet, of course, helps a lot and after having (allow me the confidence) "analyzed" you for several months, I decided to trust you!

The complete bicycle mounting the MTB29er frame by Forgione Telai

If you remember, on our first phone call, my desire was to combine as much as possible the characteristics of my 26' (first and foremost the material of the frame) with a modern bicycle, therefore with 29' wheels and consequently with different geometries that led to a different driving; with a few of my indications, I asked you to follow me giving me suggestions throughout the process, even in the choice of components.

As far as I am concerned, the result of this long-distance friendship, since we have never met in person, is extraordinary! My expectations were absolutely confirmed from the overall aesthetic point of view, but I also had to surprisingly and positively change my mind about how I thought it was to drive a 29'.

Photo by Massimo of his complete MTB 29 ER

I repeat, my sensations come from the sole use of a 26' with a setting, obviously, completely different, namely a very marked saddle/handlebar height difference (saddle 6 cm higher), saddle/handlebar distance also this beautiful marked (86 cm) and the belief that the 26 was clearly more agile and maneuverable and the 29, essentially, stable.

It is probably the result of a combination of factors, the frame always in steel, the geometries calculated on my measurements and the same wheels calibrated even according to my weight (something surprising for a beginner), the fact is that it is certainly stable and comfortable but also and above all maneuverable as much as the 26!

I felt a great ease in starting the climb on the dirt road .... literally I perceived that the MTB was climbing and turning on the bends with great comfort, while on the flat and smooth stretches it is a "business class"!

I will continue to alternate regularly the driving of my two MTBs and I am convinced that I will appreciate the one and the other more and more!

Thank you Vincenzo for the work done, for the availability and for the trust!!

Massimo Dalla Villa

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