The friend Gianluca with his bicycle - Forgione frame -

Gianluca sent us the following text which we report, as usual, without changes on our part. Thanks Gianluca!

Dear Vincenzo,

I am very pleased to answer your request for my opinion on the bike you made for me.

I don't dwell on the aesthetic aspects, because this is completely personal and you obviously give ample availability on the customization of the bicycle. Instead, I like to focus on the sensations I experienced while riding the bike, above all, with reference to my original expectations.

When I asked you to make the bike, my request was based solely on the belief that steel bikes were purely comfortable. After the first few laps, I have to change my mind: not only are they comfortable but certainly very reactive like the best carbon bikes! I don't know if this depends on the geometry or the thickness of the tubes but I have certainly checked; responsive bike, excellent acceleration, light and precise steering when cornering downhill, on the plain, muffled driving sensation, you can hear only the whistling of the wheels and the chain, all the slightest roughness is absorbed. An excellent climb, he immediately raises.

I'd say it's the perfect bike for my tastes and above my original expectations.

Thank you again for your work and I wish you the best of professional satisfaction.

Thanks Vincenzo, master craftsman of steel!

Thanks Gianluca, send us more photos very soon!