The bike Franco received at Christmas: comment on the Forgione frame

Franco with his Forgione bicycle

Hello Vincenzo

Here I am. I finally managed to take a picture…
It's the period of ski mountaineering and I'm neglecting it….

Franco's bike under the Christmas tree

The bike Vincenzo made for me arrived at Christmas under the tree!

Franco's bike in the workshop at the end of the manufacturing process still on the stand

When I contacted him I had in mind to have a unique object made but it was not yet clear to me how.

Franco's bike ready to be shipped again in the spaces of Telai Forgione

Vincenzo was very good at advising me and putting his creativity into it when I asked him for the gallows with my initials.

Franco around with his bicycle Forgione gives us this shot with landscape

I feel the bike like a glove, the wheels are very smooth and the component assembly is perfect After 14 years I bought a racing bike again and I'm glad I turned to you.

A hug Frank

Thanks for the approach Franco! The Forgione bike photographed by Franco in front of a famous portrait of the Marilins

Thanks so much Frank! Your photos and your comment make me happy.

Why a comment on the forgione frame?

Everyone knows I don't disappear after making a new bike. I always ask for a comment on the Forgione Frames from those who, after purchasing it, take it around the world.

I don't hide the satisfaction I get when I feel that satisfaction goes beyond the sense of possession but is given by the use of the bicycle.

Forgione bicycles were born many years ago for an emotional reason: my personal passion for bicycles and cycling. The fact that I have turned this passion into a job makes me one of the happiest people in the world.

But the satisfaction is greatest when I feel I've done for others what I've always wanted done for me as a cyclist.

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