Terraforge on the road 4

"Vincenzo Forgione is a capable and very helpful framebuilder. The frame I requested demanded work that went beyond the usual norms. Bicycles typically available in the market reflect predefined standards, while Vincenzo's artisan production reaches highly customized levels. He's not someone who starts by saying, 'everything is possible,' but when it comes to delivering that 'everything,' it becomes quite relative. Vincenzo listened to what I had in mind, took it as a good challenge, and got to work.

Terraforge on the road 5 We developed the project step by step, and he 'forged' a magnificent frame that's truly tailored. Craftsmanship matters not only in the significant and fundamental aspect of 'made-to-measure,' but also for specific geometries and choosing components that best suit one's needs. In the end, it resulted in a splendid Gravel/MTB bicycle suitable for the off-road conditions I envisioned. It's comfortable, and despite the generously sized tires, it's also quite fast and enjoyable to ride on the road. This last aspect surprised me; perhaps it's also due to the fine wheels he built himself. Thank you, Vincenzo! As an enthusiast, if I could focus solely on the joy of the experience, I think I'd propose a bike project every 6 months or at most a year!!"
Terraforge on the road 3 Raffaele's words not only provide an intimate glimpse into the TerraForge universe but also into the creative process that made this two-wheeled wonder possible. TerraForge goes beyond the concept of a simple bicycle; it embodies an ever-evolving art, an experience that unfolds through Vincenzo Forgione's masterful craftsmanship. His ability to listen and translate clients' visions into tangible masterpieces is evident in every detail of TerraForge.

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Terraforge on the road 2 The high level of customization and attention to cyclists' specific needs are at the core of every Forgione creation. TerraForge is a tangible proof of this approach. It's the synthesis of an ongoing commitment to surpass limits and create something truly extraordinary. Vincenzo Forgione's passion and dedication reflect in every curve of the frame, in every carefully selected component. And thanks to this dedication, cyclists like Raffaele can enjoy an unmatched on-road and off-road experience.

Terraforge on the road 1

Raffaele's experience, encapsulated in his words, confirms that TerraForge is not merely a bicycle, but a dream realized through the art and ingenuity of Italian craftsman Vincenzo Forgione. TerraForge is the embodiment of an idea: to transcend limitations and create a perfect union of form, function, and cycling passion.