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Forgione Frames: Steel Bike Frame Builder (Road, Mountain Bike, Gravel, Touring, City Bike)

Welcome to Forgione Frames, where each frame is a unique story written for you. Vincenzo Forgione, master craftsman, combines experience and passion to create custom high-quality bicycles. Each frame is the result of artisanal attention, built with precision and premium materials.The Forgione frames are always custom: tailored to fit you, handcrafted to meet your specific needs!

No mass production here. Each frame is a personalized masterpiece, shaped to meet your cycling needs. Your bicycle is not just a means of transportation but an extension of yourself, unique and unrepeatable. With our 3-year warranty, we guarantee your satisfaction.

This is not just a product showcase; it's a gallery of the cycling stories we've created over time. You can draw inspiration from existing models, but the real power is in your hands. Explore custom bicycles: customize measurements, shapes, and colors to create the bike of your dreams. Your adventure begins here. Ride with us into a world of unique experiences on two wheels.

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My philosophy of custom-made frames

I create Custom Frame designed for individual athletes and use a technique called Silver Fillet Brazed, which guarantees both aesthetic and functional results. From the tests conducted, my frames have proven to be resistant to all stresses. The spirit of steel frames permeates my construction philosophy: creating unique elements meant to last over time.

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