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Forgione Frames: Custom Steel Bike Frame Builder (Road, Mountain Bike, Gravel, Touring, City Bike)

Welcome to Forgione Frames, where each frame tells a unique story crafted just for you. Vincenzo Forgione, our master craftsman, blends experience and passion to create custom, high-quality bicycles. Every frame receives artisanal attention, crafted with precision and premium materials. Our Forgione frames are always custom-made, tailored to fit you perfectly and handcrafted to meet your specific needs.

No mass production here. Each frame is a personalized masterpiece, meticulously shaped to match your cycling requirements. Your bicycle isn't just a mode of transportation; it's an extension of yourself, utterly unique and incomparable. With our 3-year warranty, we ensure your complete satisfaction.

This isn't just a product display; it's a showcase of the cycling narratives we've woven over time. While you can draw inspiration from existing models, the true power lies in your hands. Explore custom bicycles: customize measurements, shapes, and colors to bring the bike of your dreams to life. Your adventure begins here. Ride with us into a world of unparalleled experiences on two wheels.

Bike with a Freccia Italia frame completely handmade by Vincenzo Forgione in steel

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My Philosophy of Custom-Made Frames

I specialize in crafting custom frames designed for individual athletes, employing a technique known as Silver Fillet Brazing. This method ensures both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence. Extensive testing has demonstrated the resilience of my frames under all types of stress. Guided by the enduring spirit of steel frames, my construction philosophy revolves around creating distinctive pieces built to stand the test of time.

Shipping and Prices

Spedizioni dei telai e delle biciclette Forgione Discover how you can buy a Complete bicycle from us and pay using Paypal Pay with your credit card via the secure PayPal system

Forgione Telai Warranty

telai forgione are guaranteed

I assure 3 Years Full Warranty for the first owner of my bicycle Frames!

How much does a steel bicycle frame weigh?

How much does a Forgione steel bicycle frame weigh The difference in Weigh between Carbon and Steel frames is not anymore a selection criterium: see why!

Complete Bicycle available

Complete bicycle available:choose to receive a bicycle ready to use!

I offer 3 different way for composing your bicycle: even using your old components!