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Find out the handmade steel frames handcrafted by Vincenzo Forgione in Gesualdo (AV)- ITALY

Custom-made steel frames for each kind of bicycle. Exceptional Performance!

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Tied to a steel ropeTwo city bikes from Forgione TelaiWhen the steel marries the wood


I offer a "lifetime warranty" on all my bicycle frames! When I say "lifetime" I mean that whenever you'll have a problem with your Forgione frame (please do not try to launch it from a bridge: this will never be covered!!!) I will solve it absolutely for FREE.

Lifetime Warranty Forgione Frames


on all my bicycle frames.

Forgione bicycle Frames uses only Columbus tubes


I do use only Columbus tubes for producing my bicycle frames

Silver Filled Brazed for Forgione bicycle Frames

Technique: I use the silver Filled Brazed technique

To realize my bicycle frames I do use the silver filled brazed technique.My "welding" (sorry for the improper use of the word) are completely hidden but will resist all your stresses

Italian custom made bicycle frames

I can give space to your dreams

My tailor-made frames are the realization of your ideas (even bizarre!) With the guarantee of strength and robustness

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  • Michele on his bike with a Forgione FrameMary on her bicycle with a customized frame made by Vincenzo Forgione
  • Bike domicella made by  Telai Forgione
  • Pamela 999 miles with a custom bicycle
  • Kostantinos from Greece with his Forgione bicycle
  • Werner with his bike by Telai Forgione
  • Cristian goes with his bicycle mounting a Forgione frame
  • Martina on her bike mounted on a Forgione Steel Frame
  • The Antonio's bicycleThe bike of Giampiero
  • Forgione classic vintage bicycle for Michaelgabriel con bicicletta telaio forgione acciaio sm
  • Pietro on his custom bicycle Forgione Telai
  • Rocco with bicycle Forgione
  • Andreas bike grape ape with Forgione custom steel frame

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via Roma,51
Gesualdo, Avellino 83040

mobile: 0039-366-1367169

Telai Forgione S.R.L.S. via Roma, 51 - 83040 Gesualdo (AV) P.I. 02971820648