Commento di Werner sulla sua bici con telaio Forgione

Ho scritto all'amico Werner per sentire come andavano le cose con il suo telaio Forgione.

Werner è stato gentile e disponibile e mi ha mandato le risposte che vedete sotto.

Grazie Werner!



Hallo again, vincenzo,

hope you’re doing fine and here my answers to your questions:werner con la sua bici telaio forgione
1) I know it about from a website, called ““ and I often dreamed of a custommade frame, made in italy!
2) Yeah,it’s really fine, like a fine looking suit.
3) The frame comes in a modern look, fine finished and good welded.
4) Not yet, the diameter of 30,2 is very rare. I am looking for a carbon seat post and some new wheels just like bora 35. the assembled has a good appearance and it is a timeless frame reaching for a lot of km and years.
5) Yes, surely

At least, I tried to make a selfi-photo: quality it’s smartphone-like!!

I wish you the best
Greetings to you
werner klas

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