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Commento di Kostantinos sulla sua bici con telaio Forgione

Dopo un pò di tempo che Kostantinos sta usando la sua bicicletta con telaio Forgione gli ho scritto per avere la sua opinione.

Lo ringrazio per il tempo che simpaticamente mi ha voluto dedicare.

Grazie Kostantinos!

Hallo Vincenzo

Thanks for checking with me. Here are three pictures from the bike on the road .

1) How did you know Vincenzo Forgione and his chassis, and what made you make a tailor made frame?
I found Vincenzo after a recomendation of a friend. I am doing long tours (10-20 days) on the bicycle, and I wanted a steel frame that would present as less problems as possible, and help me have the absolutely best position on my bicycle so that I don't introduce extra stress to my body.

the bike of kostantinos from Greece made with a Forgione frame

2) What do you think of your chassis?
I am very happy. It is the first time that I have a frame made for my body, and I believe that it has helped me maintain a better position on the bicycle.

3) What are the distinctive features of your Forgione frame?
Classic format, very tall, made for long treks (not speed), light weight at the back (<20 kg), with eyelets on the frame for a bicycle rack.

4) Have you already fitted your bicycle? What impression did you get from the use of the assembled bike?
I have been using the bicycle for more than 2000 km now, and I am very happy with it.

5) Would you recommend Forgings Frames to a Friend?
I am already recommending Vincenzo to my cyclist friends



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Collegamento al Catalogo Idee Telai Forgione


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