Vincenzo Forgione with his Q Factor frame, Italian Artisanal Engineering
The handmade Q Factor steel bicycle

However, the client also wanted a road frame that could accommodate MTB wheels up to 2"2. This posed a significant challenge to maintain aesthetic and performance characteristics while ensuring the functionality of the final bicycle.

In the world of cycling, where passion and craftsmanship intertwine, the creation of a unique steel frame bicycle has captivated enthusiasts and athletes. Today, we delve into the latest story of Italian artisan and bicycle frame builder Vincenzo Forgione, who has crafted a masterpiece on two wheels. This article takes you on a journey through the nuances of his creation, highlighting the special finishes made to accommodate MTB wheels up to 2"2 on a road bicycle, while maintaining the optimal pedal distance for athlete comfort.

With a steadfast commitment to craftsmanship, our Italian artisan Vincenzo Forgione has brought to life a steel frame bicycle (Q Factor) that not only meets the personalized needs of the cyclist but also sets new standards in terms of performance and aesthetics. The meticulously handcrafted frame boasts a magnificent blue color that attracts attention and sets it apart from the crowd.

Detail of the rear wheel for the road bicycle with MTB wheels up to 2

Customization for Non-Conventional Terrains:

Recognizing the athlete's need to tackle off-road terrains with a road bicycle, artisan Vincenzo Forgione went the extra mile to adapt the frame accordingly. The area surrounding the wheel and brake system underwent special finishes, ensuring seamless integration of larger MTB wheels up to 2"2 without compromising safety or maneuverability. The result is a perfect balance between design and functionality, giving the cyclist the confidence to take on different terrains.

Detail of the rear hub for the Q Factor frame, Artisanal Engineering, by Vincenzo Forgione

Preserving Pedal Distance for Optimal Performance:

Tackling the challenge of knee issues, artisan Forgione acted ingeniously. While making modifications to the frame, he ensured that the distance between the pedals remained unchanged. This careful customization prioritizes the comfort of the cyclist and enables uninterrupted pedaling, allowing them to push their limits without straining their knees.

Detail of the derailleur for the Q Factor frame by Vincenzo Forgione, Artisanal Engineering

The Timeless Elegance of Steel:

In an era dominated by high-tech materials, the choice of steel for this artisanal masterpiece speaks for itself. Renowned for its strength, durability, and smooth riding comfort, the steel frame has stood the test of time. The Italian artisan Forgione's steel frame bicycle embodies the essence of classy cycling.