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FF road bicycle frame

Bicicletta completa con telaio FF e Forcella personalizzataBicicletta completa con telaio FF e Forcella personalizzata
Bicicletta completa con telaio FF e Forcella personalizzata
Foto inviataci della bicicletta FF completa durante un giro
Bicicletta completa Disponibile: scegli i componenti che preferisci o mandaceli e li monteremo per te

FF road bicycle frame

FF is a custom-made road bike frame in Columbus Spirit steel with silver fillet brazing and custom paint. In the photo, it's equipped with Forgione hand-built wheels weighing 1,250g per pair and a custom stainless steel seatpost weighing 190g

Racing/Road bike FF road bicycle frame New FF is a custom-made road bike frame constructed from Columbus Spirit steel using the silver fillet brazed technique. It features personalized coloring and is shown in the photo with the following components: N.B. THE PRICE REFERS TO THE FRAME ONLY


Custom Frame Columbus Spirit in Silver Fillet Brazed
Wheels Forgione handcrafted wheels with a weight of 1,250g per pair
Internal Cable Routing Special super-lightweight stainless steel tubes
Seatpost Forgione custom-made stainless steel seatpost with a weight of 190g
Steering Tube Traditional 1"1/8
Fork Carbon fork painted with a logo designed with the customer

The bike described in the base text is a perfect example of a custom-made bicycle. Built with Columbus Spirit steel, one of the most prestigious steel alloys in the world of bicycles, this bike was constructed using the silver fillet brazed technique, which ensures greater strength and durability.

But the real beauty of this bicycle lies in its customization. The color scheme was chosen by the owner to reflect their personality and style, while the Forgione wheels were handcrafted, weighing only 1,250g per pair. Even the Forgione-manufactured seatpost was customized, weighing only 190g.

Building a custom bicycle requires incredible craftsmanship and many hours of work. Every detail must be carefully considered and designed to ensure that the bike fits the rider perfectly. The choice of materials, frame geometry, handlebar and saddle position, among other variables, all need to be taken into account.

But the end result is a truly unique bicycle. Not only will it be perfectly tailored to the rider's needs, but it will also be a work of art that can be admired for its beauty and the craftsmanship required to build it.

Who Uses a Bicycle Like This?

Franco with his Forgione bicycle Comments from Franco Faletti about his bike received at Christmas

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Puoi decidere di comprare solo il telaio oppure una bicicletta completa. Tieni presente che sono possibili montaggi con componentistica di tua scelta non compresi in questo elenco. Inoltre, puoi anche decidere di inviarci i tuoi componenti senza comprarli da noi: ricordati di concordare le spedizioni prima di farle.

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