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FF is a custom bike in Columbus Spirit steel in silver fillet brazed with custom coloring, equipped with hand-built Forgione wheels with a weight of 1,250g torque and seatpost also of my production in customized stainless steel weighing 190g

Racing/Road bike FF New FF is a custom Columbus Spirit steel bike in silver filet brazed with customized coloring with the following components:
If you are a cycling enthusiast, you surely know how important it is to have a bicycle that fits your needs perfectly.
Custom bicycles are designed and built specifically for the cyclist who will use them, ensuring maximum comfort and performance.


Frame with custom Columbus tubes SPIRIT in Silver Fillet Brazed
Wheels Hand built Forgione weighing 1.250g pair
Internal cable glands special pipes in super light stainless steel
Seatpost Forgione in customized stainless steel weighing 190g.
Head tube tradition 1"1/8
Carbon fork painted with logo designed together with the customer

The bike described in the basic text is a perfect example of a custom built bike.
Built in Columbus Spirit steel, one of the finest steel alloys in the world of bicycles, this bike was built with the silver fillet brazed technique, which guarantees greater strength and durability.

But the real beauty of this bike lies in its customization.
The color scheme was chosen by the owner to reflect his personality and style, while the Forgione wheels were built by hand, weighing just 1,250g per pair.
The Forgione-manufactured seatpost is also been customized, weighing only 190g.

Building a custom bicycle requires incredible craftsmanship and many hours of work.
Every detail must be studied and designed to ensure that the bike fits the rider perfectly. The choice of materials, the geometry of the frame, the position of the handlebars and the saddle are just some of the variables that must be taken into consideration.

But the end result is a bike that is truly one of a kind.
Not only will it be perfectly tailored to the rider's needs, but it will also be a work of art that can be admired for its beauty and the craftsmanship that went into building it.

Who rides a bike like this?

Comments by Franco Faletti on his bike received at Christmas Franco con la sua bicicletta Forgione Comments by Franco Faletti on his bike received at Christmas