La bicicletta Forgione di Vincenzo Ambrosio Attached are some photos of the climb from Crissolo, in Valle PO at 1333 m. asl, in Prov. of Cuneo, leads to Pian del Re 2020 m. slm at the foot of Monviso 3841m.Vincenzo Ambrosio nella salita che da Crissolo va a Pian del Re con Bicicletta Forgione in the Cottian Alps. The area is located within the Monviso Park, the road is paved but narrow, and after crossing Pian della Regina 1800m, it ends precisely in Pian del Re, an area known for the springs of the river BIT.

Bicicletta Forgione nella scalata a Pian del Re 202 m slm The bike used is a Forgione steel Columbus Spirit/Life tubing in black such as the black salamander of Lanza, an alpine amphibian present in the area. The name of the area is inspired by history, in fact, the army camps of King Francis I of France (1494 - 1547) were built here during the invasion of the Duchy of Savoy.

An important note is to be placed in the descent that the steel frame has supported in all the trajectories and tortuosity of the road.


Vincent Ambrosio