A positive doubt!

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The Dubbio Positivo, the bike Vincenzo Forgione crafted for me, it's a piece of art, actually much more than that. You can admire a piece of art but most of the times it doesn't have any specific use, whereas Vincenzo's bike is a live piece of art! A song used to say "it's beautiful to go around with wings as feet", well this is exactly the feeling I have every time I jump on the Dubbio Positivo, that is I feel free up to the point it seems I'm flying :-)

The most impressing feature of the bike is the perfect fit. It's kind of obvious that a custom made bike will always give you a better fit, but here it's really perfect, sometimes I think I could ride for 20 consecutive hours and still have no issue. In addition to the comfort, the perfect fit means that the bike responds perfectly to any demand from the rider. Often it seems the bike anticipates what I want to do, even if I have not tried wheelies like Peter Sagan's yet :-)

bicicletta con telaio dubbio-positivo realizzata da Vincenzo Forgione

What the secret is for such an outstanding bike? It is the artisan Vincenzo Forgione. His dedication and passion are out of this world. It has been clear from the very first moment we were in touch that his priority is to cater to every customer's demands, especially those related to the small details. Given I live far (I'm from Campania but I live abroad), we have been in touch by email, but then I had the honor of meeting him in person when I visited his workshop in Gesualdo. I have also learned a lot from Vincenzo during the process of building the frame and choosing materials and components. I have often fully delegated key choices to him given his experience and the high level of trust I have in him. In brief, having a bike built by Vincenzo is much more than the final frame because it is the entire process that has a great value. I will certainly stay in touch with Vincenzo and I hope to ride with him one day.

dettaglio del telaio della bicicletta dubbio-positivo realizzata da Vincenzo Forgione

Why the name "Dubbio positivo" ("Positive doubt")? This is a concept I learned from the Luciana De Crescenzo's book "Il Dubbio" (The Doubt). Basically the concept is the exact opposite of fundamentalism, that is those folks who have too much faith in their ideas and do not accept other opinions. On the contrary, who practices the Positive Doubt does not have absolute certainties and tries to be tolerant and democratic and open to change her/his won opinions. Since I've learned about this concept, I've tried to make it a cornerstone of my life. I try to share the concept with other people, now through the bike too!

I also answer the standard questions:
1) How did you hear about Vincenzo and his frames? Why did you choose to have a custom made frame?
foto da Vincenzo della sua bici con telaio su misura Forgione

I've heard about Vincenzo from an interview on Fabio Sergio's website. I decided to have a custom made frame because I wanted a bike that was like a continuation of my body, that is perfect and unique to me. Another reason is merely financial: I now have an unique steel bike (for me the best material for bikes is steel) for which I paid much less that an high-end carbon frame bikes. I really think carbon only makes sense for professional cyclists, but I know manufacturers want to convince us otherwise :-)

2) What do you think of your frame?
foto della bicicletta con telaio dubbio-positivo con telaio Forgione

Spectacular, beautiful to the eyes and perfect to ride. Basically it is a continuation of my body more than a vehicle.
3) Which features of the frame are unique?
Perfect fit and the frame transfers well the road feel. Brazing is impeccable. Every small detail was given a lot of attention.
Vincenzo con la sua bici dubbio-positivo realizzata con telaio in acciaio Forgione

4) What about the assembled bike?

The perfect trade off between speed, weight and comfort.

5) Would you recommend Forgione's frames to your friends?

Totally. I've already tried with some friends. Unfortunately, there is still skepticism for hand made steel frames. Industrial manufacturers advertise aggressively carbon bikes (and those of real quality -- very few -- have outrageous prices!). As Vincenzo told me: you need to be ready for an hand made steel bike. I will continue to recommend Vincenzo's frames. Taking into account the quality of the product, frames' prices are super competitive.
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