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We received a detailed letter from friend Michele we want to publish here in full, hoping that it will be useful also to those who are just thinking about acquiring a Forgione chassis.

Thank you Michele for all the time dedicated to us!

[translated by the corrispondent italian article on this website]



How did you know Vincenzo Forgione and his chassis, and what made you make a tailor made frame?Michele on his Forgione Bicycle

After selling the titanium XC bike I was looking for something as reactive, lightweight, but more fun and comfortable. Initially I thought of an aluminum frame made for a fork with a generous excursion. After about a year of use I realized that the type you chassis like geometry was what I was looking for but it was too rigid and I was looking for a new titanium frame. After a while I gave up titanium for the crazy prices and the little warranty offered by this noble metal workmanship. I started to look at steel frames, a material associated with the idea of ​​heavy-duty and old-fashioned frames, but in fact the technology has made giant passages and today these frames have nothing to envy to the most prestigious carbon frames and expensive chassis in titanium with which they have many common features (almost endless metal fatigue, lightness and comfort).
At first I looked at the English frames that love this material but at the production level they make heavy and very expensive chassis, then I started looking at the frames Made in Italy asking for a bit of quotes and remaining open for the figures shot, not even gold.

dettaglio bici mtb michele telaio forgione 1

At the end I searched and searched I came across FORGIONE TELAI. From now on I liked its website and its FB page that showed great simplicity and clarity, on the site are also reported prices that allow you to immediately get an idea.

After some uncertainty I contacted him and showed himself very kindly by giving advice to avalanche and getting in touch immediately. I had a great impression on a landlord with the ground floor available and clever that it does not come from arias but that bike certainly knows a lot.
After talking about the bike I wanted and the use I wanted to do, he told me to send him the anthropometric measurements and made me the frame design and quote.
Taking measures was not easy one day were a centimeter more a day less but in the end we did it.
For the price I would say not in line with the competition but super competitive almost as a tailoring dress. That then even if a dress is not always tailor-made it is always created on our measurements the difference is that the dress is fabric the best steel brand chassis Made in Italy COLUMBUS steels. Not to mention the welds made by silver brazing, practically a masterpiece.
After the chassis came the other difficult decision .... the color !! I finally opted for a particular color hoping well and crossing my fingers.
Judge you ... I really like Vincenzo, who was initially skeptical too

What do you think of your chassis?

It's a fantastic, comfortable and perfectly manageable chassis. To say it with a single word. BEAUTIFUL.
I suffer a bit of back pain but since I use this frame I'm definitely better off. It certainly depends on both the material used and the choice of tubes but maybe even more so than the frame is sewn on my measurements and finally I have a comfortable seat position

What are the distinctive features of your Forgione frame?

First of all the color !! It is difficult to find a frame with this color on the market. Apart from jokes, the chassis is distinguished by classic commercial or semi-commercial steel frames for the type of solder used that are both beautiful looking and very precious in part for the material used but also and above all for the technology used that does not compromise the resistance of the material. Precisely for the type of welding used, Forgione can use tubes of lesser thickness with substantial weight reduction than other commercially available steel frames. A commercial or semi-commercial steel chassis (see Ritchey, Commencal, Stanton, On-One, Production Privee, Cotic to name a few) weighs normally from 2.2 kg to 2.6 kg while the Forgione chassis stops the needle of the scale of 1,845 that I would say a great weight

Have you already fitted your bicycle?

dettaglio bici mtb michele telaio forgione 3

I mounted the bicycle just arrived. For budget reasons I have not used all of the top-level components but still the bicycle considering the generous fork 120/140 and 32-foot stems only 12.2 kg a super competitive price compared to the most popular bikes mentioned above . By using lighter materials, I think you can safely take another one kilogram, one kilogram and a half.
The bike is thus assembled:
• Forgione 27,5 chassis with 12/142 rear pivot rear chassis
• Darmoor Revolt 27.5 tubeless wheels
• CTK light passages
• Michelin Wild Front Grip Front 2.35 rear 2.30
• Fox Evolution 120/140 variable hitch with 32 stems and 15/100 cross stitch
• Shimano XT m785 braking system with Alligator 180 front and rear disks
• Shimano Central Movement
• Sram X9 Crankshaft with 28T Direct Mount Race-Face Monocoron
• Sram X9 10V rear transmission
• Rear Sram 10V Modified 11-42
• KCKC TI-PRO LITE aluminum 7075 seat from 27.2
• Rack WCS handlebar 31,8 razer 1,50 cm wide 74 cm
• Shimano XT Pedals
• Nukeproof steering gear
• Truvativ steering attachment 6 cm
• Ergal Back Errors

what impression did you get from using the assembled bike?
Bicycling is very handy, fun and comfortable. Always forgive the trajectory mistakes made. Downhill skiing in downhill reactive. light

Would you recommend Forgings Frames to a Friend?
Absolutely yes. Often you think of a craft chassis as something very expensive but with Forgione is not so and above all you will have a unique piece. Finally we can say "My Bicycle"

Thank you Vincenzo



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