Whereas I am not a fanatic of cycling, one of those which is there to watch weights or the latest components etc. etc., and especially I don't change bike too often, I liked the idea of ​​a custom frame done just for me!!!

So I start looking for manufacturers, companies and/or artisans,that could be able to realize a steel tailored frame for bike racing.
Research has borne fruit, because, on a popular forum of bike racing, I read, and seen photos of Vincenzo and his extraordinary skill in making steel frames.
I went to the consultation of its website, kindly posted by a forum user, so the idea of ​​a frame made for me, and then a bike of my own, even in painting, cones appurtenances, has totally materialized in my mind.
I just had to make an appointment, contact Vincent, and meet him in person.

Meeting on 17 June 2014.

2) What do you think about your frame?

I think that it is just right for me ... and it is!

I think that it is perfect for my measurements ... and it is!

I think that it is original ... and it is!

I think that it is UNIQUE in the world, and I know, for sure, that it is!

I do not think I will change it to anyone else in the world !!!

3) What are its distinguishing characteristics?

First of all: reactivity, stability and precision in entering curve.

Then the processing technique (the one used to built it n.d.r.) does not go unnoticed ... in fact, on several occasions, they found it hard to believe that it was really made by hand, and furthermore made in steel.
It looks like a carbon fiber monocoque, thankfully it's not! I am satisfied when I see people who appreciate the bike from the frame and not the component that mounts, this fills my heart with joy, because it pays the choice of material, the long wait for the complete product,
but also enhances the qualities of Vincenzo and the extraordinary work he has done, both in processing the material in the coating, are aware of this aspect of asking him very much, but he was able to satisfy all my requests.

Another distinctive aspect? ... Well the brand Forgione ... until now is the only going around in Caserta. :D

4) What are your impressions in the use of the bike assembled?

The bike is going great, I also had significant improvements regarding the posture on the saddle; with the previous one, maybe because it was a cheap bike with an aluminum frame,
maybe not suitable for me, with components also of poor quality, first of all the saddle and handlebars, but at each exit, also for few km,I felt discomfortable in various parts of the body,
such as sore wrists, scrotal area, and often the neck muscles were affected by the incorrect posture during prolonged cycling.
All troubles largely resolved, and in part eliminated altogether.

The best feeling is no doubt when I get up on the pedals uphill download ... I feel the full force of the leg on the pedals, it seems to go by itself, it is something unique,
something unimaginable few months ago.

5) Would you recommend the frames Forgione to a friend?

I recommend ??? ... Too late I did already;).