Soon, finding the steel bike riding very comfortable, also considering my weight 115kg, I started looking for a compatible frame for my height of 1.84m

The punching of my Forgione frame
The punching of my Forgione frame

It happened that in those days I had disposed of a 2016 Haibike Greed carbon MTB, in fact I considered that I was starting to walk more bumpy paths and I didn't want to find myself in trouble with a cracked frame.

The haibike guarantee seemed uncertain and I preferred to bet on steel.

This is how I came to buy my Forgione frame .

The components

The components of my bicycle
The components of my bicycle
< / figures> I had some spare bike parts aside as an upgrade on the Haibike and I decided to install them on the Forgione:
  • Dt Swiss Spline 1900 rims,
  • handlebar with handlebar stem in 780mm carbon and weighing 250g;
  • I took the bold idea of ​​removing the suspension thru-axle fork to install a carbon fork that could accommodate up to 2.6 "front tires

The finished bike had a total weight without accessories between 11.6kg and 12kg.

One Saturday afternoon I went out with two biker friends, Giuseppe and Mimmo for an easy ride but it rained. They were passing clouds, so, smiling but wet, we covered ourselves as best we could and continue the ride.

We walked a slightly uphill and then downhill country road made up of leaves and pebbles.

The rain was at its peak: the country girls had deep ruts filled with water.


Daniele bike detail with Forgione frame
Daniele bike detail with Forgione frame

I had a 36 d on the front derailleur and an 11v chainring behind and I chose a 20d nuna.

While pedaling, I noticed that the bike was fast and didn't give me big vibrations.

I noticed that while I was pedaling, putting all my strength on the pedals, the rear triangle actually flexed following the roughness and giving an enviable comfort.

After a while I stopped to look back and noticed that my friends weren't there. After a few minutes the two bikers with aluminum mtb arrived. I had spaced them quite a lot.

Daniele rear detail with Forgione frame
Daniele rear detail with Forgione frame </ figcaption>

In summer 2021, after a few months of use, the front crankset was transformed by me into a double 2x12 with 22t + 36t front crankset, this to allow you to tackle even demanding climbs.

With this mtb they reached an altitude of 1100m for the first time in my life with the same friends of the first outing in the rain.
Daniele's MTB bike with Forgione Frame
Daniele's MTB bike with Forgione Frame </ figcaption>

The feeling is of being inside the bike because Forgione has already built this custom frame with the geometry of an all mountain even if it was in fact a Mtb front.

Angled steerer tube is much higher than the saddle attachment, long rear stay. Today if you look at the competition and take for example a Ritchey or a Salsa you will not find great differences with the choices and experiences of Telai Forgione.

Vincenzo Forgione and Daniele in the Laboratory in Gesualdo (AV)
Vincenzo Forgione and Daniele in the Forgione Looms Workshop in Gesualdo (AV)

I met Vincenzo Forgione in the laboratory in Gesualdo for some advice and he is extremely helpful