Andres 4
Andres 91)How did you know about "Telai Forgione"?Have you read anything about it before?

I prefer to ride steel frames, preferably custom handmade steel frames.  I had begun my search for a new steel 29er frame when I came across a Forgione Ebay auction.  I did a Google search for information regarding Forgione frames and found his website.

2)Why did you decide to buy an handmade frame from Vincenzo?

Vincenzo’s responses to my questions and concerns were what sealed the deal for me.  Even though he is halfway around the world, the passion he has for cycling was quite evident in the emails he sent me.  Besides, his knowledge of geometry, bike geometry that is, was very insightful.  Overall, his responses to my concerns and questions were meticulous, with detailed explanations for his reasoning.
GRAPE APE 63)Are you using the frame on your bicycle now?  It is my current ride.
What are your first impressions?  I have ridden the bike several times, so these are not so much first impressions, but overall impressions.  First, I live in Florida, a very flat state, but we lack mountains, we make up for with tight singletrack trails, steep hills, and even steeper drops.  First, the bike is snappy.  I start hammering the pedals, and it snaps up to speed.  Dropping down into the steep drops followed with the sudden turns we have around here, the bike just is on rails.  It begs to be leaned down into the corner, holding a tight line, and shoot out the end of the turn while I hammer down on the pedals.  I attribute the ease with which this bike can accelerate and hold the line on a fast turn to the stiffness of the frame.  I notice no frame flex. 
Still, the frame has the “steel is real” feel, in that it has a certain amount of vertical compliance.  The longest I have ridden the bike is just over 25 miles.  After that ride, I was feeling good.  There is a certain degree of spring in the frame that takes off the edge and keeps me feeling fresh.

Andres 184)Did you notice relevant differences between this frame and other bicycle frames you have already used? 
Compared to other steel frames I have ridden, the steering is very precise.  As I mentioned, going into and coming out of fast turns, the bike tracks really well.  This is what truly sets it apart from other steel frames I have ridden.  Even though it is a very strong frame, it maintains a nice balance by keeping the lively steel feel.

5)Would you suggest a Forgione frame to a friend? 
Yes, I would recommend Forgione to friends.  But the real question to ask here, is would I buy another of Vincenzo’s frames.  I would, and that is what I tell everyone I ride with.  That is the true testament to my liking of this frame.