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Nudo (naked)

Telaio Nudo realizzato in silver fillet brazed da Forgione TelaiTelaio Nudo realizzato in silver fillet brazed da Forgione Telai

Nudo (naked)

Discover the passion of Italian craftsmanship in the NUDO model of Forgione Telai. The NUDO frame is an ode to the unique beauty of handmade frames that resists mass production. Read about how a Columbus Life/Spirit steel frame is created by hand, using the Silver fillet brazed welding technique, and discover the importance of manual labor and attention to detail

Racing/Road bike Nudo (naked) New Custom "Forgione Frames" Road Bicycle Frame in Columbus Life/Spirit Steel, silver fillet brazed.
I have always had a great passion for bicycle frames, especially for handmade steel frames. Many people think that steel frames are outdated, but I believe that the charm of a steel frame is unparalleled. In particular, I love to make my frames with Columbus Life/Spirit steel tubes, which have exceptional strength and durability.


Custom Columbus Steel Frame skillfully mixing LIFE and SPIRIT types

I decided to make my Columbus Life steel frame "bare", without any paint, and to use high-silver alloy visible fillet brazing. This choice was not easy, because most people prefer painted and carefully finished frames. However, I wanted to create something raw and pure, without hiding anything.

To make the frame, I spent many hours filing and sanding, trying to achieve the desired shape and maximum precision. The final result is a unique product, with the striations of the sandpaper still visible, which testifies to the enormous manual work behind every handmade frame.

The technique used is called Silver fillet brazed, and it is an old tube joining method still used today by a few Italian craftsmen. Americans and Anglo-Saxons, in general, are masters of this technique, which allows for very strong and precise joints. The high-silver alloy brazing that I used is particularly valuable and resistant.

I believe that it is important to make people understand how much manual work and precision there is behind every handmade frame. Today, with mass production and automation, many products are made with machines, without the care and attention that a craftsman can put into his work. However, there are still Italian craftsmen who continue to produce high-quality frames with traditional techniques, such as Silver fillet brazed.

Unfortunately, these craftsmen are becoming fewer and fewer, and the modern world seems to prefer mass production and speed to quality and attention to detail. However, I am convinced that there are still people who appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of a handmade frame, and who are willing to invest in a high-quality and long-lasting product. In conclusion, after over thirty years of experience in the production of custom steel frames, I can say that I have only met "special" people. People who appreciate manual work, precision, and the beauty of details. I am grateful to all of you who appreciate my work and are willing to invest in a unique and high-quality product. Thank you.

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