These are the typical endurance test for the frames craft "Forgione" and are resistance tests I do before  to pass "in production".

Given that as a craftsman I produce bicycle frames many people ask me how those crafts are tested. I hope to be able to satisfy their curiosity in this manner.

Here then is the laboratory results of the material used to solder frames:


test telaio bici artigianale in acciaio

was made a particular preparation in order to attach the specimen to the machine so that the tubes do not crush at the time of the close of the draw and so apply the full force only on the area of ​​brazing
test telaio bici artigianale in acciaio preparazione 2
The force required to pull the tubes was 21.46 kiloNewton that translated into Kilograms are 2 tons and 189 kg
carico di rottura saldature telaio bici artigianale forgione