Frame: A Columbus Steel Masterpiece

The heart of this bicycle is the frame crafted with exclusive Columbus steel. The choice of using silver fillet brazed not only provides strength and durability but also adds a touch of artisanal elegance. The fillet brazed welds ensure a clean and seamless aesthetic, creating a perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

Mixed GRX 600 and 400 Groupset: Versatility on Every Terrain

The choice of a mixed GRX 600 and 400 groupset ensures excellent performance on any terrain. The precision and reliability of GRX 600 combine with the practicality and versatility of GRX 400, offering a gear range ideal for cyclotourism. Effortlessly switch between gears on paved roads, gravel paths, and off-road trails.

Columbus Carbon Fork: Lightweight and Durable

Gravel-tour bicycle 2023 , detail of the fork

The Columbus carbon fork not only offers surprising lightweight characteristics but also adds robustness and stiffness to the bicycle. This combination provides a smooth and responsive ride on rough terrains, while the precision of the carbon fork absorbs vibrations, ensuring comfort even on long cyclotourism days.

Telescopic Seatpost: Direct Control from the Handlebar

The telescopic seatpost, an innovative feature of this bicycle, offers unprecedented control. The ability to raise or lower the saddle directly from the handlebar allows instant adaptation to different terrain conditions. Easily climb steep inclines and lower the saddle for added stability during technical descents.

Custom Design: Details That Make a Difference

Gravel-tour bicycle 2023
Every detail of this bicycle is designed with your cyclotourism experience in mind. From integrated rack mounting points to the internal passage for the telescopic seatpost, every aspect has been carefully considered to make each journey an unparalleled experience.

Uncompromising Cyclotourism

This gravel bicycle, with its artisanal design and advanced technology, offers the freedom to explore new paths without compromise. Whether you're traversing paved roads or venturing into wild trails, this bicycle adapts to your riding style.

Conclusion: The Journey Begins Here

Prepare for a cyclotourism experience like never before. The Forgione Telai Hirpus gravel bicycle offers the perfect blend of art, technology, and versatility. Every pedal stroke becomes an opportunity to discover new horizons. Be inspired by the fusion of Italian design, exceptional performance, and the freedom to travel unbeaten paths.