The friend Gianni with his bicycle - Forgione Telai Bicycle frames
The friend Gianni with his bicycle - Forgione Telai Bicycle frames

Gianni sent us the following text which we report, as usual, without changes on our part. Thanks Gianni!

I met Vincenzo Forgione 5 years ago, shortly after I bought my new carbon bike. I had had a number of experiences with other bikes: aluminum / carbon, aluminum only and my old steel bike, which I thought was obsolete. This new carbon bike satisfied me, but knowing the qualities and characteristics of steel well and having studied them, I was left with the passion of a custom-made steel bike.

For a bike, the main feature is the size of the frame which must be perfectly adapted to each individual build.
This aspect, however, is omitted by all manufacturers and retailers who confuse ideas, offering you a series of technological innovations that are certainly beautiful and sometimes useful, but the idea of ​​being able to make up for the right measure with the tolerances of the handlebar support and the saddle adjustment is not correct as each of us has measures that are almost never perfectly proportioned, therefore we adapt.

The weight of a bike is the simplest technical characteristic for everyone to understand and in fact it is perhaps the first thing you ask a dealer, yet it is not the most important technical data but it is good to know that if you only think about the weight you have to spend a lot of money for super light components.

In June I was finally able to commission Vincenzo for my custom-made bike and I bought medium-level components and when I got on the saddle I experienced a particular sensation, I felt the bike that merged with my body and I had never tried anything. similar to the other bikes, steel absorbs the roughness of the asphalt well and when you pedal you feel the elasticity of the frame that gives you back all the energy you unload on the pedals.

I could have avoided all these words and simply said thank you to Vincenzo but knowing him is a fortune and not only for his art, passion and patience but because he is a sincere, open and respectable person, gifts increasingly rare to find!

Thanks Gianni, send us more photos of your bike rides!