Vincenzo will take your measurements and you can design your dream bicycle with him.

as he did with friends who continue to send us photos of their bicycles around the world.

We do not make bicycles in series

Those who have a Forgione bicycle know this from Vincenzo:"I don't make series bicycles! I don't have an assembly line and I will never make one. My bikes are made according to your measurements and your personal tastes . In the past I also made bicycles in which my brand has a font that is not always identical! I did it because on those specific bicycles the different font was in line with what the friend for whom I made the bicycle wanted.

The cyclist is at the center of my design

This is why I always say that you are at the center of my thoughts while making your frame! My personalizations are like the work of a tailor: it all depends on the cyclist's body."

Bicycles with Forgione frame in Sicily by friend Pietro, year 2020
Forgione Frames - Sicilia 2020

Spring is approaching

When the spring air arrives we cyclists feel it before the others.Unfortunately sometimes we also feel those pains that an incorrect position or simply an incorrect frame size bring us as a gift (together with the many satisfactions though!) When we are riding for hours. But there is a remedy for everything! The easiest remedy? The right measures! Having a bike designed on our measurements makes a big difference, just ask who already has a custom-made bicycle . The answer is more immediate and the movements more natural. A race on bike will leave you only the effort and the natural pleasure of physical effort and not the residues of bad postures.

Thanks to those who send their photos

"Special thanks go to those who continue, even after years, to send me photos of his bicycle rides and his bicycle. It is always a bit like coming with you and seeing places that I had not yet been able to see with my bicycle."

Take me with you on your bike rides

Do you also want to join the Forgione family? Take me with you on your outings together with your Forgione bicycle! Bike ride with Forgione bicycles - Sicily 2020

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