Forgione the soul of your bike

Vincenzo Forgione was a fan of the bike as a child.

Anyone knows him personally must notice his free spirit and joviality powered by great passions.

For years he has participated in the Championships of Italian cycling bringing, in a practically virgin land from this point of view, the passion for the sport of cycling. With the appearance of the first mountain bike passion has exploded and, with that, also the desire to participate even more in the life of the bicycle.a bicycle frame from Vincenzo Forgione Italy

A desire to build a complete bicycle from scratch, had led Vincenzo for many years.

His technical studies had already given the means to carry everything was need for that purpose. So the time had come.

In 1995 Vincenzo realizes his number one bike that still uses in its outputs off the road.
Nowadays Vincenzo builds steel personalized frames for all the passionate bikers that maintain the same "soul of bike".



Vincenzo Forgione, fondatore di Forgione Telai, artigiano produttore di telai in acciaio per biciclette su misura

Catalogue ideas

Link to catalogue Ideas for frames by Telai Forgione

Link to catalogue Ideas for frames by Telai Forgione

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