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Only passionate people can understand what it means to have a frame customized for your bike? I say that in order to make sense to have a custom frame means only that you tried the difference.

It 's the difference between something that has been designed for you ( and only for you ) and something that was designed for everyone ( in fact it has been designed for anyone ).


It is not easy to make simplifications or advertising. A frame "generalist" can be a great product in terms of performance and weight. 

There are many bike frames with which you can go out and do a bit of training: you will not have anything to complain about.


A custom frame, however, is intended to keep you company in the hardest moments, to become a part of you. There is a mechanism of symbiosis established and a "personal" relationship with the object.


The realization of my road and mountain bike frames is esclusively steel of the best series Columbus. Everything is done by hand.

With "fully" I mean the minimum possible using of equipments, the project is done with the client with all its specific demands, pipe cutting by hand, the grooving, the union of the tubes is only by a brazing technique called "Silver Brazed fillet"


Silver Filled brazed

a sort of "gluing" at low temperature 600 ° C using an alloy with very high content of silver. In short, a frame must remain as much as possible in the hands of the craftsman.


My philosophy a little 'esoteric, is based on the concept that a man-made object with love and passion keeps a little' soul of those who produce it.


My bicycle frames are not just objects but "living entities" each has his name that will be not repeated, are blessed by the priest, and then will be delivered to the prospective owner.


Each bike frame is unique and unrepeatable, either because the measures differ from person to person,either because, as I said before, all it's done by hand.



People who seek high-tech chassis, the adjustments made by NASA, people that maybe have never cried reading a poem, that maybe after a trip with their bike are just in time to place it in the garage hare not welcomed. These are people who can not have my bicycle frames.


In the world there are many factories that churn out high-quality frames, a few artisans who produce excellent products and rare people who put into a little of their "soul."

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Link to catalogue Ideas for frames by Telai Forgione

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