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Frames for road bikes and mountain bikes handmade by Vincenzo Forgione in Gesualdo (AV) - ITALY.

The customization of the frames is expressed not only in a mere change of measures, but in the creation of a design that represents you. When you buy a Forgione frame you buy an hand made frame created in Italy by a craftsman who love cycling.

Forgione frames are made entirely by hand in Italy. But above all, Forgione bike frames are designed and manufactured to bring out your personality and represent you to the fullest. A steel frame will be your second dress, will help you experience life in harmony with your way of life.

The kind of thechnique I use for my frames is the only one that I believe capable of producing a frame of the right quality for people that are looking for an handmade product.

THe total wheight of the tubes has to differ few points from the wheight of the entire frame.

steel tubes total wheight

My expertise and exerience brought me to decide for the "silver filled brazed"  that gives results of perfect shaping and extreme resistance:

Andres 5


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Vincenzo Forgione, fondatore di Forgione Telai, artigiano produttore di telai in acciaio per biciclette su misura

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Link to catalogue Ideas for frames by Telai Forgione

Link to catalogue Ideas for frames by Telai Forgione

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