The number one

The bike frame number one (a bit like the famous "number one" Uncle Scrooge!?) Was created back in 1995 under the name of an imaginary "blacksmith cyles" (the name is still on many of the frames made later.)

Vincenzo did it because he wanted a bike that was really his own and respond more effectively to the stress with which he was solicinting his bike.

It can be said that the bike has held up well: it is still in use for the outrode tours more difficult and challenging.


The realization of that frame craft has brought only after years to the birth of Forgione Frames. The intent was not to trade but to create a bike that could hand the highest level.


It is the fruit of the passion and the game that then involved an ever-wider group of fans.


Vincenzo Forgione, fondatore di Forgione Telai, artigiano produttore di telai in acciaio per biciclette su misura

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