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Customers reviews about the bike frames of "Telai Forgione"

Hi Vincenzo, I'm sending you the photos of the bike mounted, unfortunately as you know the photos do not give credit to the chassis, I hope you have done well.
My friend Cristian wrote me a comment that I want to share with you along with some photos of my bicycle with Forgione chassis.

The promise is to have new photos soon to be included on this page.

[translated by the corrispondent italian article]



Hi Vincenzo, I'm sending you the photos of the bike mounted, unfortunately as you know the photos do not give credit to the chassis, I hope you have done well.

We have received the following comments from our friend Michael who has mounted and used his Forgione chassis for a while.

Thank you Michael!

[translated by the italian original comment]

We are proud to have customers who become friends.

We are happy that our friends are happy with our chassis.

We received Pietro's comments and some of his bicycle photos that fit a FORGION frame.

We publish and thank you.

Thank you Pietro!



We have received the following short message from Rocco that we want to thank for kindness and friendship.

We want to publish here also the photos of his bikes (one made in steel and the other in inox, both recing bikes) that Rocco sent us!

Have a look!


1) How long have you know Vincenzo Forgione and its frames, and what caused you to make you do a custom frame?

I knew Vincenzo few months ago.

Last spring I began to consider the idea of ​​changing my racing bike, in particular, at the suggestion of a friend and after several consultations online forums, I decided to opt for a steel frame. Initially I did not think to find so many difficulties in the purchase of a steel frame, I realized this only after consultation with various retailers, with the following results: all insisted on carbon, someone spoke of good aluminum, one proposed a frame Steel to develop tailored, by a well-known brand of bike racing, whose final price was practically like a carbon frame.

The first bike made by Vincenzo Forgione that reaches Canada has been mounted by our friend Mario.

Vincenzo has realized a very impressive Track bicycle frame.

Here we are for a new section of comments about the bicycle handmade frames of Telai Forgione.
Our friend Andreas sent us an email to answer few questions about his new bicycle frame.
We want to thank him for the time he spent answering and for the friendship demonstrated.
Thank you Andreas!
Howdy Vincenzo,
Here are my responses to the questions you sent.  They are in the attachment.(Editor's note: here below )
Take care,

Our friend Andreas received his frame and built up it on the new bicycle.

Andreas sent us a nice email that we report here. Thank you very much for sharing with us!


Howdy Vincenzo,
Here are some pictures of the frame finally built up.  I apologize for the delay, but it was just this week that I finished the build and took it out for a ride.  I have a handful of rides now, and if I were in your presence, I would give you a big hug!

Our friend Giacomo has been so kind to send us the photos of his new bicycle realized with a "Forgione frame".

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