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Comments about Michael's vintage bicycle

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We have received the following comments from our friend Michael who has mounted and used his Forgione chassis for a while.

Thank you Michael!

[translated by the italian original comment]

Hello Vincenzo,
I hope you're fine.
Sorry if I only feel right now; unfortunately I was very busy and just recently I managed to "finish" the bike.
I managed to get out just a couple of times, and I'm very happy with the feelings that make me "balance." The spring prox will be able to pedal it more thoroughly.
In the meantime, I attach a photo to the flight, maybe later I will send you better photos.
D) How did you know Vincenzo Forgione and his chassis, and what made you make a tailor made frame?
R) known via the internet forum
D) What do you think about your chassis?
R) is very beautiful aesthetically and cared for in the finishes
D) What are the distinctive features of your Forgione frame?
R) is fine and reminds a bit of the frames of once
D) Have you already fitted your bicycle? what impression did you get from using the assembled bike?
R) the bike assembled is very agile and snappy, but also very comfortable: I think I can drive hours without getting tired
Q) Would you recommend forgings to a friend of yours?
R) absolutely you, Vincenzo is a helpful person a very good telaist who puts us passion
Hello Vincenzo, thank you again and soon,


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