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When does a bicycle come to life? Maybe you can ask Pamela, who wrote the text below that you have to read it absolutely.

Pamela res

Pamela participated the "999 miles" using her bicycle mounting a Forgione frame.

The "999 Miles - randonnée of Rome and the South" is a non-competitive cycling event taking place in Italy every 4 years starting from 2017. The first edition started on June 25, 2017 from Rome and then returned after La randonnée ( over 1600 km). It is a ultra-marathon bicycle that is part of the Grand Patent ARI called "Grand Tour Italy". For more information, visit the 999miles web site

In thanking her for her words we also publish her photo gallery below: Thanks Pamela!

..picture of a moment ..
.. we left and we arrived, the days passed faster than a flash, the space and time immense and infinite focused on the pill of happiness .. and I wonder what is really important .. leave or arrive .. ??

but the answer is always in the middle, in here and now, while the journey is still slow running and allows you to appreciate so many landscapes, such intense colors and people so fantastically spontaneous and alive ... traveling together but you also travel alone because the mind of each of us has infinite minutes to think but also to turn off the switch and simply to enjoy, listen, breathe ... this is our way to meditate, to be everything and nothing .. and then suddenly a unique emotion of those that leave the mark, of those that make up your cheek, of those that speed up the beat and make it jump to the throat .. and then only so much joy, joy of having lived the ' fleeing moment ...
Thank you Vincenzo

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