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Customers reviews about the bike frames of "Telai Forgione"

My friend Giovanni sent me this postcard from Mountain.

The friend Giovanni on board his bicycle with Forgione frame has climbed Mount Somma

Thank you for taking me with you to climb the mountain!

The friend Giancluca is using his new Forgione bicycle (you can find the card of the animamia bicycle )

The friend Gianluca with his bicycle - Forgione frame -

Gianluca sent us the following text which we report, as usual, without changes on our part. Thanks Gianluca!

Dear Vincenzo,

I am very pleased to answer your request for my opinion on the bike you made for me.

I don't dwell on the aesthetic aspects, because this is completely personal and you obviously give ample availability on the customization of the bicycle. Instead, I like to focus on the sensations I experienced while riding the bike, above all, with reference to my original expectations.

When I asked you to make the bike, my request was based solely on the belief that steel bikes were purely comfortable. After the first few laps, I have to change my mind: not only are they comfortable but certainly very reactive like the best carbon bikes! I don't know if this depends on the geometry or the thickness of the tubes but I have certainly checked; responsive bike, excellent acceleration, light and precise steering when cornering downhill, on the plain, muffled driving sensation, you can hear only the whistling of the wheels and the chain, all the slightest roughness is absorbed. An excellent climb, he immediately raises.

I'd say it's the perfect bike for my tastes and above my original expectations.

Thank you again for your work and I wish you the best of professional satisfaction.

Thanks Vincenzo, master craftsman of steel!

Thanks Gianluca, send us more photos very soon!

I met Vincenzo Forgione as a dear friend, a mountain biker, Vincenzo S., in 2020, spoke to me about a dear fellow cyclist who had started an artisan workshop a few years ago.

My friend Vincenzo spoke to me so enthusiastically about the kinematic dynamics of steel and its durability that shortly afterwards, out of curiosity, I bought a used steel bicycle.

But the first purchase was a 1995 Giant Expedition with 700x30 tires.

Soon, finding the steel bike riding very comfortable, also considering my weight 115kg, I started looking for a compatible frame for my height of 1.84m

The punching of my Forgione frame
The punching of my Forgione frame

It happened that in those days I had disposed of a 2016 Haibike Greed carbon MTB, in fact I considered that I was starting to walk more bumpy paths and I didn't want to find myself in trouble with a cracked frame.

The haibike guarantee seemed uncertain and I preferred to bet on steel.

This is how I came to buy my Forgione frame


The components

The components of my bicycle
The components of my bicycle
< / figures>
I had some spare bike parts aside as an upgrade on the Haibike and I decided to install them on the Forgione:
  • Dt Swiss Spline 1900 rims,
  • handlebar with handlebar stem in 780mm carbon and weighing 250g;
  • I took the bold idea of ​​removing the suspension thru-axle fork to install a carbon fork that could accommodate up to 2.6 "front tires

The finished bike had a total weight without accessories between 11.6kg and 12kg.

One Saturday afternoon I went out with two biker friends, Giuseppe and Mimmo for an easy ride but it rained. They were passing clouds, so, smiling but wet, we covered ourselves as best we could and continue the ride.

We walked a slightly uphill and then downhill country road made up of leaves and pebbles.

The rain was at its peak: the country girls had deep ruts filled with water.


Daniele bike detail with Forgione frame
Daniele bike detail with Forgione frame

I had a 36 d on the front derailleur and an 11v chainring behind and I chose a 20d nuna.

While pedaling, I noticed that the bike was fast and didn't give me big vibrations.

I noticed that while I was pedaling, putting all my strength on the pedals, the rear triangle actually flexed following the roughness and giving an enviable comfort.

After a while I stopped to look back and noticed that my friends weren't there. After a few minutes the two bikers with aluminum mtb arrived. I had spaced them quite a lot.

Daniele rear detail with Forgione frame
Daniele rear detail with Forgione frame

In summer 2021, after a few months of use, the front crankset was transformed by me into a double 2x12 with 22t + 36t front crankset, this to allow you to tackle even demanding climbs.

With this mtb they reached an altitude of 1100m for the first time in my life with the same friends of the first outing in the rain.
Daniele's MTB bike with Forgione Frame
Daniele's MTB bike with Forgione Frame

The feeling is of being inside the bike because Forgione has already built this custom frame with the geometry of an all mountain even if it was in fact a Mtb front.

Angled steerer tube is much higher than the saddle attachment, long rear stay. Today if you look at the competition and take for example a Ritchey or a Salsa you will not find great differences with the choices and experiences of Telai Forgione.

Vincenzo Forgione and Daniele in the Laboratory in Gesualdo (AV)
Vincenzo Forgione and Daniele in the Forgione Looms Workshop in Gesualdo (AV)

I met Vincenzo Forgione in the laboratory in Gesualdo for some advice and he is extremely helpful

Anthony has received his Forgione "Campania" frame for some time and he wanted to send us some photos and his comment on the frame. Here are the photos and the comment :

After some time spent using his Forgione bicycle (the day of delivery he came to Gesualdo to pick it up )

The friend Gianni with his bicycle - Forgione Telai Bicycle frames
The friend Gianni with his bicycle - Forgione Telai Bicycle frames

Gianni sent us the following text which we report, as usual, without changes on our part. Thanks Gianni!

I met Vincenzo Forgione 5 years ago, shortly after I bought my new carbon bike. I had had a number of experiences with other bikes: aluminum / carbon, aluminum only and my old steel bike, which I thought was obsolete. This new carbon bike satisfied me, but knowing the qualities and characteristics of steel well and having studied them, I was left with the passion of a custom-made steel bike.

For a bike, the main feature is the size of the frame which must be perfectly adapted to each individual build.
This aspect, however, is omitted by all manufacturers and retailers who confuse ideas, offering you a series of technological innovations that are certainly beautiful and sometimes useful, but the idea of ​​being able to make up for the right measure with the tolerances of the handlebar support and the saddle adjustment is not correct as each of us has measures that are almost never perfectly proportioned, therefore we adapt.

The weight of a bike is the simplest technical characteristic for everyone to understand and in fact it is perhaps the first thing you ask a dealer, yet it is not the most important technical data but it is good to know that if you only think about the weight you have to spend a lot of money for super light components.

In June I was finally able to commission Vincenzo for my custom-made bike and I bought medium-level components and when I got on the saddle I experienced a particular sensation, I felt the bike that merged with my body and I had never tried anything. similar to the other bikes, steel absorbs the roughness of the asphalt well and when you pedal you feel the elasticity of the frame that gives you back all the energy you unload on the pedals.

I could have avoided all these words and simply said thank you to Vincenzo but knowing him is a fortune and not only for his art, passion and patience but because he is a sincere, open and respectable person, gifts increasingly rare to find!

Thanks Gianni, send us more photos of your bike rides!

When we receive the comments of those who are using a bicycle with Forgione Frame, we are always a little anxious. L'amica Mariapia con la sua bicicletta - Telaio Gravel Blue -

Our friend Mariapia used her new bicycle for a while, custom made by Vincenzo Forgione , and she arrived at the conclusion of the title of this article: "Steel wins on carbon. !!!".

A side view of the bicycle complete with Mariapia - Gravel Blue frame -

Before the fans of the various sides battle each other over the age-old question of what is better (steel or carbon), we must clarify that - being biased - we cannot and do not want this to become a final sentence or confuse this experience as the right generalization of all cycling travel experiences. It is rather about what some people prefer and, in this case in particular, about the sensations driving those who are trying one of our frames.

A detailed view of the bicycle complete with Mariapia - Gravel Blue frame -

"I was doubtful but now I can say: thanks Vincenzo Forgione thanks to your custom frame for me ... I managed to get back in the saddle ...."
As many say and as Mariapia confirms, custom made frames are the definitive solution to all problems due to bad posture in the saddle and also tend to solve problems that have lasted for a long time.

Another detail view of the bicycle complete with Mariapia - Gravel Blue frame -

"Not only the pleasure of choosing every single detail step by step .....
but your skill in having reconciled my requests with a functional product adapted to my body has given birth to a VIVO steel ...
expression of myself ...
magical bdc !!!! "

Thanks Mariapia, send us more photos of your bike rides!

Other details about this frame
The Dubbio Positivo, the bike Vincenzo Forgione crafted for me, it's a piece of art, actually much more than that. You can admire a piece of art but most of the times it doesn't have any specific use, whereas Vincenzo's bike is a live piece of art! A song used to say "it's beautiful to go around with wings as feet", well this is exactly the feeling I have every time I jump on the Dubbio Positivo, that is I feel free up to the point it seems I'm flying :-)

The most impressing feature of the bike is the perfect fit. It's kind of obvious that a custom made bike will always give you a better fit, but here it's really perfect, sometimes I think I could ride for 20 consecutive hours and still have no issue. In addition to the comfort, the perfect fit means that the bike responds perfectly to any demand from the rider. Often it seems the bike anticipates what I want to do, even if I have not tried wheelies like Peter Sagan's yet :-)

I received and published Antonio's comment on his "AnimA" bike.

Thanks Antonio!

Our friend Gabriele from Modica (Ragusa - Sicily) has already covered some kilometers on his bicycle with a steel frame produced by Telai Forgione.

As usual we sent him a satisfaction questionnaire and he answered as follows.

When does a bicycle come to life? Maybe you can ask Pamela, who wrote the text below that you have to read it absolutely.

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