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Customers reviews about the bike frames of "Telai Forgione"

The Dubbio Positivo, the bike Vincenzo Forgione crafted for me, it's a piece of art, actually much more than that. You can admire a piece of art but most of the times it doesn't have any specific use, whereas Vincenzo's bike is a live piece of art! A song used to say "it's beautiful to go around with wings as feet", well this is exactly the feeling I have every time I jump on the Dubbio Positivo, that is I feel free up to the point it seems I'm flying :-)

The most impressing feature of the bike is the perfect fit. It's kind of obvious that a custom made bike will always give you a better fit, but here it's really perfect, sometimes I think I could ride for 20 consecutive hours and still have no issue. In addition to the comfort, the perfect fit means that the bike responds perfectly to any demand from the rider. Often it seems the bike anticipates what I want to do, even if I have not tried wheelies like Peter Sagan's yet :-)

I received and published Antonio's comment on his "AnimA" bike.

Thanks Antonio!

Our friend Gabriele from Modica (Ragusa - Sicily) has already covered some kilometers on his bicycle with a steel frame produced by Telai Forgione.

As usual we sent him a satisfaction questionnaire and he answered as follows.

When does a bicycle come to life? Maybe you can ask Pamela, who wrote the text below that you have to read it absolutely.

We received a detailed letter from friend Michele we want to publish here in full, hoping that it will be useful also to those who are just thinking about acquiring a Forgione chassis.

Thank you Michele for all the time dedicated to us!

[translated by the corrispondent italian article on this website]



Asking Mary to write her impression about her bicycle with a FORGIONE frame, below you can find her answer.

Thank you Mary!


After a while Kostantinos is using his bicycle with the Forgione chassis I wrote for his opinion.

I thank him for the time he spent on this.

Thank you Kostantinos!

I wrote to my friend Werner to hear how things went with his Forgione chassis.

Werner was kind and helpful and he sent me the answers you see below.

Thanks Werner!


Hi Vincenzo, I'm sending you the photos of the bike mounted, unfortunately as you know the photos do not give credit to the chassis, I hope you have done well.
My friend Cristian wrote me a comment that I want to share with you along with some photos of my bicycle with Forgione chassis.

The promise is to have new photos soon to be included on this page.

[translated by the corrispondent italian article]



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