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Lifetime Warranty

lifetime warranty on Forgione framesWe guarantee "for life" all our frames for the first buyer (not if the frame is resold).

If, due to manufacturing / processing defects or due to material problems, our frames present problems, at any time, our customers will have the right to solve the problem.

For this reason they will only have to have the frame delivered to our workshops free of charge.

Attention: the guarantee covers what is the work of Forgione Telai and the appropriate use * of the frame itself but not the responsibilities of third parties. If, purely by way of example (and we hope you do not get it), you will be hit by a car and the frame is damaged, this would not be covered by the lifetime warranty.

The frame must also not be manomess! As an example: making a hole at any point to attach an additional bottle to it is not a permitted practice!

* For more details or concerns, please contact us directly.

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