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How much it will cost an handmade steel frame (mountain bike o running) customized for me? This is a question that deserves a simple and precise answer. My prices are reported below, neverthless I'd like to invite you t not cosider the price only. If you want to buy a customized bicycle frame there are several aspects that you should keep in mind, one over the others: the pipe joining method.      Please have a look at my article Bicycle frames welds there I wanted to explain some aspects that are extremely important in building an MTB or running bicycle frame.

Each bicycle frame is designed and tailored to the client and with the client, so that he/she participates in the creation of an object that remains faithful for life.

I am happy to meet all your requirements and variations.

I will create a unique italian bicycle frame only for you.

The bicycle frames are stained in a wide range of colors that can be chosen at https://www.coloriral.it/i-colori-ral

Cost of Your Bicycle Steel Frame (shipment included) Europe

  • Design and Project following customer guidelines
  • Columbus Tubes Niobium Life
  • Junction of the pipes "Silver Fillet Brazed"
  • Solid Color to be choosen in RAL set
  • Lifetime Warranty (to the first owner only)handmade bicycle steel frame lifetime warranty

Realization time for customized steel frames


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Vincenzo Forgione, fondatore di Forgione Telai, artigiano produttore di telai in acciaio per biciclette su misura

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