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When the steel marries the wood

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telaio "legno e acciaio" Forgione

When creativity marries the technical mind the result can be wonderful, especially if the one putting them together is Vincenzo Forgione!



I've seen this project grow from the beginning and I can say I witnessed the birth of an unique object. The frame made by Vincenzo Forgione has the characteristics of really special city bike.The total weight is not, as might have been expected, incredibly high and the design of the bike is stylish without compromising usability.

forgione legno acciaioIt 'a work that was involving Vincenzo on several fronts. The chassis has been married to technical competence in the wood work.Steel and wood, were joined as a single piece. The processing of the non-symmetric took much longer than expected because of the difficulty to create a structure that is not only designed to keep the weight and pressures but would also be suitable to complete the forms of the new chassis.

dettaglio telaio acciaio legno

The lucky owner of the bike that will be carried out with the frame "wood and steel" will be sure to have a truly unique object in the world made with skill and passion as every work of Vincenzo.

dettaglio carro posteriore del telaio forgione  

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