Two city bikes from Forgione Telai

Vinenzo has realized a very particular couple of "city bikes" frames. The final product was completed thanks to the specifications given by the cusotmers.

In this page we wanted to show just a piece of what it is possible to realize having the right technical know how and a good dose of fantasy.

It is in general true that the bicycles can be thought and reinvented every day: we can create exclusive products having the characteristics of art works. The unicity of the bicycle, anyway, it isn't the only attractive characteristic.

Vincenzo always whishes to create bicycles with a soul, and this is the main strenght of Telai Forgione  ;)

city bike Forgione

new city bike Forgione Telai


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Link to catalogue Ideas for frames by Telai Forgione

Link to catalogue Ideas for frames by Telai Forgione

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