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When there is not lack in imagination Vincenzo does not miss his support.

And certainly this is not the case of the "steel frame rope" that can be easily dismantled to reduce the space occupancy.This frame keeps its beautiful appearance and full functionality in all his functional modes.

The gestation of this very special chassis for city bike was long, it was necessary to review some aspects of the initial idea to complete the construction of candle but Vincenzo does not hold back from this type of requests.

custom bicycle handmade by Vincenzo Forgione

A frame like this can only be achieved by putting so much passion and attenction. It is a must to safeguard the security of those who will use the bicycle and, from the other side, it is necessary to meet the wishes of those who want to create the bike of their dreams and see materialized their own idea from the paper.

It's the case to say that Vincenzo Forgione makes lovers of bicycles dreams come true and realizes the bicycle frames according to the ideas (and projects) of the fans who request them.
Here below a small gallery of images illustrating some details of the assembly of the frame with steel rope.


The particular feature of this bicycle, lies in the fact that it is possible to disassemble it completely within a few minutes, and that a part of the frame which classically is realized in tubes it's instead replaced by a steel rope from the characteristics of resistance and reliability comparable to those of the tubes!

Vincenzo assembled and tested personally the entire bicycle to make sure of his resistance for urban use.

The design of the bike was made and registered (trademark) by the client.

As you can see from the photos the bike hasn't a traditional exterior changes but a change inside the axis of the rear wheel. This allowed Vincenzo to leave the chain on single sprocket and to further reduce the space occupied by the bicycle.

Certainly those who use this bike can be said to have a unique means that no one else has.

Vincenzo has once again delivered a special bicycle!

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Link to catalogue Ideas for frames by Telai Forgione

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