The Italian Arts: Running Frame Craft Hand Painted by Pasquale Natale

 Here's what can be achieved when art meets craftsmanship!unique Running Bicycle Frame completely Hand Made - Forgione Vincenzo- Pasquale Natale

Is it possible to paint on a frame and not on a canvas?

I wanted to challenge the artist Pasquale Natale who created one of his abstract works for me.

With tempera and brush, Pasquale worked on one of my Columbus steel racing frame with silver fillet brazed tube joints.


I preferred brush and gouache instead of airbrush to have a particular optical effect.I wanted to see the nuances given by the bristles of the brush, the various thicknesses of the gouache and not something cold and precise as it would have been using the airbrush that gives me a sense of something printed.

I wanted to pay homage to all the Italian artisans and artists who still believe in their work.


    Vincenzo Forgione.


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