100 Years Columbus Tubesets Anniversary Limited Series: Book your special Bicycle Now!

100 Years Columbus Tubes Anniversary Limited Series for unique Forgione handmade bicycles

For 100 years now, Columbus has been drawing steel tubes , always with great skill and with constant technological updating.

To celebrate this incredible milestone, the “Cento” tube series was recently presented . A special series of tubes in limited edition in steel alloy, where all the experience of the Italian company has been concentrated for the realization of this series of tubes where technology and performance are at the highest levels ever.

100 years Columbus Tubes Anniversary for Forgione Telai

I decided to propose this project in a limited series of 10 pieces , each embellished with engravings that will make each frame unique.

The high-quality 100 years Columbus tube series

Like any other frame built by me, the Cento model will also be made to measure.

Colmbus Anniversary 100 series of tubes for custom made Forgione frame

From today we accept reservations , you can contact us by email or phone to receive more information about costs and construction times.

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Catalogue ideas

Link to catalogue Ideas for frames by Telai Forgione

Link to catalogue Ideas for frames by Telai Forgione

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