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In the image you see I had myself photographed preparing an "over" frame for my friend Hansi ... basketball player.

Hansi has, like, a problem with cycling.

It's the same advantage it has in the case of basketball: its height! The big bicycle frame made for my friedn Hansi (basketball player)

100 Years Columbus Tubes Anniversary Limited Series for unique Forgione handmade bicycles

For 100 years now, Columbus has been drawing steel tubes , always with great skill and with constant technological updating.

To celebrate this incredible milestone, the “Cento” tube series was recently presented . A special series of tubes in limited edition in steel alloy, where all the experience of the Italian company has been concentrated for the realization of this series of tubes where technology and performance are at the highest levels ever.

In these difficult days for Italy and for the whole world , I stay at work, for the friends to whom I promised a new bicycle or a new frame .

I really hope that everything will be fine, I wish it to those who are sick and those who are not, I hope that you can go back to living a life in the open air without having to fear to approach people and talk to them, without the doubt of having or transmitting any disease .

Dismountable customizable touring bicycle frame
Dismountable customizable touring bicycle frame

When you think about the possible customizations for a high level bike frame, you don't always think about all the possible variants. In fact, the only limit is often the fantasy.

A high level of customization for a frame with high performance, low weight and guaranteed safety is possible only on handmade steel frames such as those of Vincenzo Forgione.

The technological limit imposed on all other types of frames means that it is not possible to conceive (not with the costs related to a steel frame) frames made to measure to the centimeter such as those made by Forgione frames following bio parameters - mechanics of the individual athlete / user.

Differences between tig and fillet brazed

I will try to shed some light on this subject which is too often underestimated and misunderstood: what is the difference between a racing bike or MTB frame in tig welded steel and the same welded in fillet brazed?

Without going too far and making too technical speeches that the "common mortal" like me would not understand, I will try to explain in the simplest possible way putting myself in the shoes of a very common person who wants an answer as simple and exhaustive as possible.saldature forgione telai: preparazione del telaio per la giunzione in silver fillet brazed

The difference is enormous and substantially is that the tig melts the metals to be joined, while the fillet brazed "glues" them with the contribution of a metal alloy with a lower melting point.

The latter is in turn divided into two types, frame with conjunctions and frame without conjunctions

Spring is coming for your bicycle too

Are you thinking about the warm season and would you finally like to give yourself the bicycle you have always wanted ? Would you finally like a bike with a frame that respects you and follows your measurements without forcing you to adapt? Then you are thinking about your bicycle with Forgione Frame!

Book your Forgione frame now and by spring you will be ready to go!

Vincenzo will take your measurements and you can design your dream bicycle with him.

as he did with friends who continue to send us photos of their bicycles around the world.

Summer gift 2019! A free t-shirt for you that own a Forgione frame.

Do you want to receive the free T-shirt "Telai Forgione 2019" directly at your home?

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When the name of the friend for whom you are creating a new bicycle coincides with your name, you seem to work for yourself.

The frame for my friend Vincent (who lives in America) is ready even if we still have to complete the bike with the assembly of the group I thought I'd let you see the result of this new Forgione bike.


When there is not lack in imagination Vincenzo does not miss his support.

And certainly this is not the case of the "steel frame rope" that can be easily dismantled to reduce the space occupancy.This frame keeps its beautiful appearance and full functionality in all his functional modes.

The gestation of this very special chassis for city bike was long, it was necessary to review some aspects of the initial idea to complete the construction of candle but Vincenzo does not hold back from this type of requests.

custom bicycle handmade by Vincenzo Forgione