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When the name of the friend for whom you are creating a new bicycle coincides with your name, you seem to work for yourself.

The frame for my friend Vincent (who lives in America) is ready even if we still have to complete the bike with the assembly of the group I thought I'd let you see the result of this new Forgione bike.

When there is not lack in imagination Vincenzo does not miss his support.

And certainly this is not the case of the "steel frame rope" that can be easily dismantled to reduce the space occupancy.This frame keeps its beautiful appearance and full functionality in all his functional modes.

The gestation of this very special chassis for city bike was long, it was necessary to review some aspects of the initial idea to complete the construction of candle but Vincenzo does not hold back from this type of requests.

Summer 2015 draws to a close but the Vincenzo's work continued with really excellent results.

The circle of our friends and amateur cyclists is widening more and more, and the number of frames Forgione who are traveling around the world is growing day by day.


Vinenzo has realized a very particular couple of "city bikes" frames. The final product was completed thanks to the specifications given by the cusotmers.

Differences between tig and fillet brazed

 I'll try to clarify this subject that is too often overlooked and misunderstood: what is the difference between a frame or bike ride mtb steel "TIG" welded and the one welded with "fillet brazed"?

telaio "legno e acciaio" Forgione

When creativity marries the technical mind the result can be wonderful, especially if the one putting them together is Vincenzo Forgione!

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