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Forgione Telai (Italian bicycle frames)

Forgione Telai (Italian bicycle frames) (10)

I telai in acciaio per biciclette e la tradizione di Forgione Telai

Differences between tig and fillet brazed

I will try to make some clarity on this subject that is too often underestimated and misunderstood: what is the difference between a racing bike frame or a mtb steel welded tig and the same welded in fillet brazed?

Without going into too much technical speeches that the "common mortal" like me would not understand, I will try to explain in the simplest way possible by putting myself in the shoes of a very common person who wants an answer as simple and comprehensive as possible. welds forge frames: preparation of the frame for the silver fillet brazed

The difference is enormous and basically it is that the tig fuses the metals to be joined, while the fillet brazed "glues" them with the help of a lower alloyed metal alloy.

The latter is in turn divided into two types, a frame with conjunctions and a frame without conjunctions


After saying this, the passionate cyclist's question arises: What is the best method among the three?

Let's analyze the different methods and draw conclusions. Today the new steel alloys have exceptional breaking loads and therefore the companies that produce tubes for cycling can make tubes with very thin thicknesses, less than half a millimeter and through adequate heat treatments can withstand high stresses over a period of time very long (unthinkable with aluminum or carbon frames).

The tig as we have said must melt the metals to unite them so it brings the temperature above 1450 ° C and partly alters the balance of the metal and theoretically weakens it, in fact on all the frames welded with tig, regardless of the type of material (aluminum, steel, titanium) breaks occur just after the weld bead. tig welds: possible cracking problems

frame breakage due to tig welding

The brazed fillet being a "bonding" does not melt the metals to be joined so it does not alter the balance or at least it does so to a much lesser extent, this depends on the type of alloy / material used to join the tubes.

The alloys commonly used are with silver percentages ranging from 5% (the most used) to 60% silver (the least used), therefore temperatures ranging from 850 ° C to 550 ° C approximately. The higher the silver percentage, the lower the "bonding" temperature, therefore less stress on the tubes but more stress on the pocket being very expensive.

Few artisans use 50-60% silver alloys and their method advertises it with the words "Silver Fillet Brazed".

I conclude with the pros and cons. silver filled brazed made by forging looms.First stage: rough work

Frame in tig

Pro : ease of processing, cleanliness, lightness, freedom of geometry.

Cons : possible breaks with very thin tubes.


Frame in brazed fillet, without conjunctions Brazing forge

Pro : stiffer than the tig, it does not alter the balance of the tubes, pleasant to look at (looks like a monocoque), freedom of geometries like the tig .

Cons : slow processing, more expensive, a few dozen grams heavier.


Brazed fillet frame, with conjunctions Vincenzo Forgione during the brazing process

Pro : undisputed retro charm with machined and chrome-plated joints

Cons : slow processing, more expensive, bound in the choice of angles.

lifetime warranty on Forgione frames

----- Frame warranty:

All FORGIONE frames are covered by a 3-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Within 3 years from the delivery of the frame, should you encounter any problems not due to improper use of the frame, we will take care of the materials, labor and re-painting, free of charge.

Crash guarantee.

Did you have an accident and your frame needs to be repaired or replaced?

All Forgione frames offer a "crash" replacement / repair guarantee for the first 2 years from delivery: if you damage your frame in an accident, we offer you our labor for free!

You will only be charged for the material and the repaint. Just send the frame free of postage to our workshop after making telephone arrangements.

If the damage is so extensive that the entire frame needs to be replaced, we will offer you a 20% discount on a new frame.

All of the above warranties are offered for the first owner only.

******* PLEASE NOTE *******

ANY WARRANTY VOIDS in case of tampering carried out on the frame and / or in case of improper use.


How much weigh a custom-made bike frame made in steel?

This is certainly one of the frequently asked questions that we hear from our website visitors

To answer we have to specify two things:

Good news! The shipment of the frame or bicycle purchased from Forgione Telai is entirely done by Forgione Frames!

spedizioni forgione telai

We arrange to pack your chassis / bicycle properly before shipping and send it with due diligence after making arrangements with you for receipt.

You do not have to worry about anything! Let us think about it!

The time of realization for a custom frame from the moment when all the details have been clarified are about 60 days.tempi realizzazione

The degree depends on how many frames and how complicated they are committed to at that time.

I try not to grow too much queues and keep this time with all the customers.

Keep in mind that I am a craftsman and that I practically realize the whole process of creating your complete frame or bicycle, so small variations can take place.

Do not be afraid: if possible, your chassis will be sent even before the 60 days fatigue expires!




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Short photo gallery taken into Vincenzo's laboratory


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The bicycle as an object has been and still is a means of simple locomotion. A cycling seen as a "means of transport" may not be seen as a companion on the journey but as an object and nothing else. I always thought that doing a bicycle would rather mean to build the companion of a long journey within themselves as well as on the external roads.

la bicicletta

My frames must then be light and strong, dynamic and robust.

When I came back from my long training laps I always wondered how could that plate of pasta (say a little "large plate of pasta") to be turned in hundreds of miles.

The comparison with consumption of a car came into my mind all the time.

But it was obvious that here the engine was me and that I had already given myself a bit of my spirit to my bike.

My sweat, my stress, they had made ​​that "piece of iron" something alive.

The bicycle had become a friend that can take me away.

It was an insight for me. We wanted a bycicle that was like what I had inside.

I cannot do a lot of frames, my clients are always some friends. Who buys a frame from "Forgione Frames" embraces this philosophy of life or knows that his philosophy at some point is intertwined with mine.

The frame that I can achieve is the result of my time devoted to the person and not the pipes needed to achieve it. When you're bike everything will be as we continued to ride a bike together, as we do with the group of bikers Gesualdo.


la bicicletta e i telai forgione

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Vincenzo Forgione - Forgione Telai - Steel Frame Bicycles

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Vincenzo Forgione was a fan of the bicycles since he was a child.Vincenzo Forgione Founder of Forgione Telai

Anyone who knows him personally cannot fail to notice his free and jovial spirit fueled by great passions.

That for the bicycle was born as a child, also thanks to the support of his father, who had always fed and encouraged the exploration of the two-wheeled way. vincenzo forgione mtb telai italia

When mountain bikes appear in Italy, Vincenzo is one of the "early adopters" (one of the first users) and, even without abandoning his racing bike, he begins exploring the Irpinia off-road. This is how everyone in the area begins to get to know Vincenzo, both for taking part in competitions and for getting to know and exploring the more challenging routes.

vincenzo forgione foto archivio uscite mtb