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Customers comments

Customers reviews about the bike frames of "Telai Forgione"

999 miles with Pamela

When does a bicycle come to life? Maybe you can ask Pamela, who wrote the text below that you have to read it absolutely.

Pamela res

Pamela participated the "999 miles" using her bicycle mounting a Forgione frame.

The "999 Miles - randonnée of Rome and the South" is a non-competitive cycling event taking place in Italy every 4 years starting from 2017. The first edition started on June 25, 2017 from Rome and then returned after La randonnée ( over 1600 km). It is a ultra-marathon bicycle that is part of the Grand Patent ARI called "Grand Tour Italy". For more information, visit the 999miles web site

In thanking her for her words we also publish her photo gallery below: Thanks Pamela!


Comments from Michele

We received a detailed letter from friend Michele we want to publish here in full, hoping that it will be useful also to those who are just thinking about acquiring a Forgione chassis.

Thank you Michele for all the time dedicated to us!

[translated by the corrispondent italian article on this website]




Giovanni's Comments on his "Domicella bicycle" with a Forgione Frame

We asked our friend John to send us his comments on his new bicycle with Forgione chassis.

We have asked John a few questions:

1) How did you know Vincenzo Forgione and his chassis, and what made you make a tailor made frame?
2) What do you think about your chassis?
3) What are the distinctive features of your Forgione frame?
4) Have you already fitted your bicycle? what impression did you get from using the assembled bike?
5) Would you recommend Forgings Frames to a Friend?

Thanks to John for answering us, and here's his text:

[translated by the corrispondent italian text:see this website italian version]


Comments on Cristian bicycle

Hi Vincenzo, I'm sending you the photos of the bike mounted, unfortunately as you know the photos do not give credit to the chassis, I hope you have done well.
My friend Cristian wrote me a comment that I want to share with you along with some photos of my bicycle with Forgione chassis.

The promise is to have new photos soon to be included on this page.

[translated by the corrispondent italian article]



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