Forgione Telai is an artisan manufacturer of frames for steel bicycles.

The experience and expertise of Vincenzo Forgione are the guarantee of sure satisfaction for all his customers. All the frames are made to measure specifically for the customer and according to their needs / characteristics.We DON'T have an assembly line and each bicycle frame is produced with precision crafted tools based on the measurements of the individual user. We have NEVER made two identical frames. It is also for this reason that on all the frames, the Forgione Telai, offers a lifetime guarantee for the first owner of every realized bicycle.
Handmade Gravel frames handmade in steel by Vincenzo Forgione for the Forgione Telai di Gesualdo (Avellino)
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Cielo 2020

Columbus steel gravel bike project made by Forgione Telai ...

Gravel Blue

Customized "blue" Gravel frame made of COLUMBUS steel with ...

Gravel ORA

Gravel frame NOW made to measure in steel with the ...


Complete Gravel-Cycle Touring Bike for ...

Nico Randonneur

Columbus Life series randonneur frame with silver fillet ...

Travel to France

Travel to France - Touring bicycle for my friend Roberto ...

Vento nei Capelli

Vento nei capelli (wind in his hair): gravel bike in ...

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