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Forgione Telai is a handcrafted manufacturer of custom steel bicycle frames.

Vincenzo Forgione's experience and expertise are the guarantee of high-quality custom bicycles, made with handcrafted care and built to meet the needs of every cyclist.

All Forgione frames are created specifically for the customer, using precision handcrafted tools and high-quality materials. We do not produce frames in series, which is why each Forgione frame is unique. Forgione Telai offers a three-year warranty on all frames for the first owner.

What you see below is not a real product catalog but a selection of frames (or complete bicycles) that Vincenzo has built over the years: you can certainly take inspiration but you can also choose not to limit yourself to choosing an existing model. Discover our custom bicycles: create your ideal bicycle, choosing the sizes, shapes, and colors you prefer.


Telaio Apache realizzato con tubi Columbus Centenario da Forgione TelaiTelaio Apache realizzato con tubi Columbus Centenario da Forgione Telai


"Apache" frame for my friend Richard made with Columbus 100 Anniversary tubes from the exclusive limited edition series, as always realized with silver brazed tube joints.

Racing/Road bike Apache New

Columbus 100 steel frame in Silver Fillet Brazed for my friend Richard.

"Apache" frame for his friend Richard made with Columbus tubes from the exclusive limited edition series.

As always this frame is realized with silver fillet brazed technique for tube joints!


Columbus 100 Made Custom Frame in Silver Fillet Brazed

Exclusive bicycle frame (few series of this celebrating tubes have been produced by Columbus)

My friend Richard wanted a really special frame that was not only realized on his body measures but also

made with a unique Columbus tubes serie

Sales price 3400,00 €
Price / kg:

My philosophy of custom-made frames

I create Custom Frame designed for individual athletes and use a technique called Silver Fillet Brazed, which guarantees both aesthetic and functional results. From the tests conducted, my frames have proven to be resistant to all stresses. The spirit of steel frames permeates my construction philosophy: creating unique elements meant to last over time.

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Spedizioni dei telai e delle biciclette Forgione

Forgione Telai Warranty

How much does a steel bicycle frame weigh?

Silver Fillet Brazed

Forgione Telai tecnica del silver fillet brazed