lifetime warranty on Forgione frames

----- Frame warranty:

All FORGIONE frames are covered by a 3-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Within 3 years from the delivery of the frame, should you encounter any problems not due to improper use of the frame, we will take care of the materials, labor and re-painting, free of charge.

Crash guarantee.

Did you have an accident and your frame needs to be repaired or replaced?

All Forgione frames offer a "crash" replacement / repair guarantee for the first 2 years from delivery: if you damage your frame in an accident, we offer you our labor for free!

You will only be charged for the material and the repaint. Just send the frame free of postage to our workshop after making telephone arrangements.

If the damage is so extensive that the entire frame needs to be replaced, we will offer you a 20% discount on a new frame.

All of the above warranties are offered for the first owner only.

******* PLEASE NOTE *******

ANY WARRANTY VOIDS in case of tampering carried out on the frame and / or in case of improper use.


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