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Gianluca with its new bicycle made by Forgione Telai

Customer usage comments: we receive and publish.

As we often do, we have received few comments from one of our friends using a bicycle frame realized by Vincenzo Forgione.Here you can find his impressions and his point of view about it.

The friend Giancluca is using his new Forgione bicycle (you can find the card of the animamia bicycle )

Daniele con Vincenzo Forgione

I met Vincenzo Forgione as a dear friend, a mountain biker, Vincenzo S., in 2020, spoke to me about a dear fellow cyclist who had started an artisan workshop a few years ago.

My friend Vincenzo spoke to me so enthusiastically about the kinematic dynamics of steel and its durability that shortly afterwards, out of curiosity, I bought a used steel bicycle.

But the first purchase was a 1995 Giant Expedition with 700x30 tires.

Link to catalogue Ideas for frames by Telai Forgione