This is a profile of Vincenzo Forgione, the owner of "Forgione Telai" Company that produces custom bicycles frames for bicycles in Gesualdo (Avellino) Italy.

Vincenzo Forgione was a fan of the bicycles since he was a child.Vincenzo Forgione Founder of Forgione Telai

Anyone who knows him personally cannot fail to notice his free and jovial spirit fueled by great passions.

That for the bicycle was born as a child, also thanks to the support of his father, who had always fed and encouraged the exploration of the two-wheeled way. vincenzo forgione mtb telai italia

When mountain bikes appear in Italy, Vincenzo is one of the "early adopters" (one of the first users) and, even without abandoning his racing bike, he begins exploring the Irpinia off-road. This is how everyone in the area begins to get to know Vincenzo, both for taking part in competitions and for getting to know and exploring the more challenging routes.

vincenzo forgione foto archivio uscite mtb

In fact, since the 1980s he has participated in the regional road cycling championships, bringing the passion for two-wheel sports to a virtually virgin land from this point of view.


vincenzo forgione telaista italianogara mtb anni 80 laceno (AV)

However, it was only with the appearance of the first mountain bikes that the passion exploded: the desire to participate even more in the life of the bicycle. A desire, to make a complete bicycle from scratch, had driven it for years.

Vincenzo Forgione at a race in campitello matese (Italy) in the 80's

His technical studies had already given the means to carry out everything was needed. The time had come. In 1995 Vincenzo realizes his number one bike that still uses in its outputs offroad along with his friends.


It is possible to participate in mountain bike outings of the forging frames group or associated groups simply by confirming their participation on this site or by joining the groups on Facebook and presenting themselves at the meeting point at the appointed time!

Discover the pleasure of an output group for all levels of training: there are no limits, everyone has their own pace and surely there will be someone at your own pace. In any case, we expect all the check points and continue together to recombine at the arrival and then greet each other with the whole group.

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Vincenzo Forgione works and produces his frames in Gesualdo (AV) and can be contacted easily through this site.

Vincenzo guarantees his frames with a lifetime guarantee but above all he puts his face on it.

The passion for cycling wants to accompany your passion with the expert eye of those who not only have practiced and practiced bicycles but, above all, are able to understand the technical problems behind a precision frame designed exactly on your body .

Despite the commitments Vincenzo prefers to speak directly with everyone who wishes to have an handmade Forgione steel frame

The reason for this choice is not commercial but is part of a "behavioral philosophy": in order to create a custom-made bike frame and because the measure is not made only from a centimeter, you need to listen and understand the cyclist's needs.

Sometimes the needs, in fact, are not only reduced to wanting (rightly) to stand upright while pedaling but they are also due to small problems such as postural pain or even to special physical needs, or simply to the personal tastes of those who go to bike.

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To finally have a bicycle that makes the most out of your pedaling, so that you can truly feel one with your pedal, Vincenzo will be ready to create the geometry that best suits you and your tastes.

This is why being a Forgione frame owner is more than being a customer of Forgione Telai.

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The art of traditional frame building is a dying craft, but Vincenzo Forgione is one of the few artisans who is keeping the tradition alive. Each frame is handmade with meticulous attention to detail, using only the finest materials available. This level of craftsmanship ensures that each bike is not only beautiful, but also performs exceptionally well.

Vincenzo Forgione in his laboratory

Forgione Telai's hand-built bikes are not only high-quality, but also unique. The company's artisanal bicycles are made-to-measure, meaning that each frame is tailored to the individual needs of the customer. This level of customization ensures that the bike fits perfectly and is comfortable to ride.

Vincenzo in his first laboratory for Hand-built bikes

The custom bicycles produced by Forgione Telai are more than just a mode of transportation. They are works of art that are meant to be appreciated for their beauty and craftsmanship. The vintage-inspired bikes are reminiscent of a bygone era, when bicycles were not only practical, but also stylish.

The classic bicycles produced by Forgione Telai are built to last a lifetime. These bikes are not mass-produced, but rather each one is made with care and attention to detail.

Vincenzo Forgione at the Tour of Sicicly in 2022

In addition to the custom-made bicycles, Forgione Telai also offers group mountain bike outings. These outings provide an opportunity for cyclists of all levels to enjoy the beauty of the Italian countryside while riding a high-quality, handcrafted bike.

Vincenzo Forgione and his beloved wife

In conclusion, Vincenzo Forgione and Forgione Telai are a testament to the art of traditional frame building. Their handcrafted bicycles, including steel frame bikes, custom bicycles, and artisanal bicycles, are made-to-measure and built to last. The company's dedication to quality and craftsmanship ensures that each bike is not only functional, but also a work of art.

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